Security Advice

A properly installed alarm system can be invaluable in helping to protect your property. In addition you may wish to consider the following:


Don't make it easy for burglars, fit the appropriate locks. We can provide lists of BS approved locks appropriate to specific areas of your property.


Thieves hate light. Automatic outside lights are readily available and can be activated by heat or movement.

Climbing Aids

Try to be aware of items that may prove useful to an intruder's attempt to access your property, for example, moveable wheelie bins. Also ensure that any trees planted close to the property are kept trimmed sufficiently so as not to provide a climbing aid.


Strategic placement of thorny bushes or shrubs such as roses can help make life difficult for intruders without making your property look unwelcoming.

Sheds & Outbuildings

As well as being an increasingly popular target for burglars, some of the garden tools typically stored in sheds and outbuilding could prove useful to burglars. Protect yourself against a double whammy by making sure they are properly secured. Consider a simple bells only alarm or link your outbuildings into the system protecting your main property.


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